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Sound effects used in Parachute Drop are listed here.

Sound effects used in Plinko Bounce are listed here.

Sound effects used in Stream Weather are listed here.

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Game Preview
Rain (0 to disable) Rain Time Heavy Rain Heavy Rain Time Hail Hail Time
Enable Boss Boss Effect Boss Count Trap Effect Prize Count Trap Count Enable Chat Announcement
Background Clouds Hide Until Drop Score in Chat Bit Cheers Enable Drop via Chat
Background Clouds Hide Until Start Sound Volume Enable Chat Announcement Notification Volume
Background Clouds Hide Until Start Sound Volume Results in Chat
Party Confetti Bubbles Balloons Hearts Sound Volume
Message Interval # Particles Per Message Timer Particles (per ms, 0 to disable)
Language Sound Volume Post to Chat Giveaway Command Join Command Unjoin Command Claim Command Skipme Command
Blossoms Blossoms Time Snow Snow Time Blizzard Blizzard Time
Chat Command Sound Volume Notification Volume Channel Point Cost Channel Point Cheers Channel Point Group Drop
Enable Drop via Chat Chat Command Channel Point Cost Channel Point Group Plinko Refresh Timer (secs) Time Til Ready (secs)
# of Confetti # of Bubbles # of Balloons # of Hearts
Hide Instructions Hide Timer Default Countdown (secs) Chat Command Refresh Timer (secs)
Leaves Snow Blossoms Raindrops Hearts
Refresh Timer (secs) Time Til Ready (secs) Raid Drop Timer (secs)
Bright Red Red Pastel Red Orange Pastel Orange Yellow Dark Yellow Pastel Yellow Lime Pastel Lime Green Pastel Green Blue Pastel Blue Sky Blue
Sunshine Lightning Rainbow Leaf Leaf Time Volume
Rainbow Cake Fruit Cake Chocolate Cake PixelPlush Cake
Red Blue Frog Watermelon Rainbow Rainbow Dots Pink Purple Yellow
Easter-1 Easter-2 Easter-3 Easter-4 Easter-5
Brown-Gold Brown-Pink Brown-Red White-Gold White-Pink White-Red
Color-Changing Red Pink Orange Yellow Green Blue Purple
Purple Pastel Purple Pink Purple Pink Pastel Pink Hot Pink Deep Red Brown Deep Blue Copper Gold Rose Gold Silver