Welcome to our website! We are two friends, Maaya (Art) and Instafluff (Code), and PixelPlush is our game studio to make fun and relaxing games that bring people together, especially through live streams on Twitch!

Plinko Bounce

Plinko Stream Overlay Game for Twitch

Parachute Drop

Parachute Stream Overlay Game for Twitch

Chat Flakes

Chat Messages turned into Stream Particles for Twitch

Pixel Confetti

Stream Confetti Overlay Using Channel Points for Twitch

Stream Weather

Stream Weather Overlay Using Channel Points for Twitch

Hill Rolling Race

Racing Stream Overlay Game for Twitch

Pixel Maze

Stream Maze Game for Twitch

Get Characters & Pets!

Get special characters and pets to use in PixelPlush games!

Visit the Goodies Market
Galaxy Bumper (Azure LuxJam 2021)

Galaxy Bumper (Azure LuxJam 2021)

Theme: Chain Reaction

Chronocipher (Ludum Dare 46)

Chronocipher (Ludum Dare 46)

Twitch-Integrated Detective Game!

Detective Pawsome (Ludum Dare 45)

Detective Pawsome (Ludum Dare 45)

Twitch-Integrated Password-Hacking Game!

Hello guys! Easter is almost here and we have some new awesome things for you!


  • You can now get a premium easter theme that has 5 different color options! (the free easter theme is still available, with only one color option)
  • We added a little easter egg to the premium theme 👀 if you land on the target with an egg pet, it's gonna hatch and a little bunny or a chicklet will run out!

Get free egg pets when purchasing Plush coins! You'll get:

  • 22 Plush Coins and 1 egg pet for every 4$
  • 46 Plush Coins and 2 egg pets for every 8$
  • 120 Plush Coins and 5 egg pets for every 20$
  • 625 Plush Coins and all available egg pets! (27 variations) for every 100$

Giveaway tool now in Beta testing, try it out here: https://www.pixelplush.dev/twitch.html?type=giveaway


  • Plinko now shows pets again with emotes/emojis
  • Various fixes to the Giveaway Tool beta

Thank you guys for playing our games!

Hey everyone! We have been working on a stream giveaway tool and we would like to invite you to test and give us feedback on it as we build and polish it further!

How to use it: (Please note that this link may break after we launch the full version)

1. Setup

Add https://www.pixelplush.dev/giveaway?channel=yourname as a Browser Source, replacing yourname in the link with your channel name (e.g. channel=maaya)

2. Commands:

  • Start a 5-min giveaway: !giv start 5m Super Awesome Prize
  • Start a 30-sec giveaway: !giv start 30s Quick Everyone Enter!
  • Start a No-Time giveaway: !giv start Long Giveaway
  • Viewers can enter with: !join
  • Manually Pick a Winner: !giv pick
  • Change the time limit to 1-min: !giv time 1m
  • Winner can claim the prize with: !win
  • Hide/Reset the giveaway: !giv reset

Please let us know what you think using this form or Discord! https://forms.gle/MGz2Jg9qH8sooM1B8

Thank you for continuing to support us and PixelPlush!

Hey all! We wanted to mention an update to our games to help address a black screen flicker issue that OBS Studio users might have been seeing in the latest versions of OBS.

Our games now restart 'softly' without a browser source reload so the black flicker shouldn't show up for you except at the very start of your OBS scene load. (Note: Flicker will still show up if you selected multiple themes in the Cauldron or Valentines themes)

Long version:

Our games now restart 'softly' without a browser source reload so the black flicker shouldn't show up for you except at the very start of your OBS scene load. (Note: Flicker will still show up if you selected multiple themes in the Cauldron or Valentines themes)

Unfortunately, we don't have control over the flicker bug showing up, but it occurs only when the browser reloads and so we reworked how our games reset at the end of a game session. They will now reset without a behind-the-scenes refresh of the overlay to prevent a browser source reload, and so you shouldn't see the flicker as long as you aren't needing to close/reopen the source. This may have introduced new bugs though so please let us know if you see any issues. The OBS Studio developers seem to be aware of the bug and are working on it according to this issue on GitHub https://github.com/obsproject/obs-studio/issues/6010 so hopefully it will be fixed in the program soon as well!

Thanks for continuing to play our games and support us! We're excited to show you what we've been working on soon!

Hey everyone! We have more new updates to share with you today!


  • Confetti Hearts - Hearts are now available as a Channel Point redemption option in Pixel Confetti
  • New Confetti Colors - There are now extra color options available in Pixel Confetti to match your stream's theme
  • Bit Droplets Size Change - Now bit cheer droplets in Parachute Drop better match the size of the droplet images
  • Website Updates - Selecting multiple characters/pets from your Dressing Room is now much easier and more intuitive than before


  • Bits with !drop - Using !drop now works with bit cheers

And we have a brand new PixelPlush tool in the works too so stay tuned!

Hey all! We have some exciting updates and GIVEAWAYS to share with you!


  • ChatFlakes Hearts - Lift your hearts for Valentines with a new floating hearts option in ChatFlakes!
  • Saved Link Generator Options - The options you select on PixelPlush.dev for each game will now be saved on your browser so that you can return to the same selected options!


  • Hill Race Reset Bug - Hill Rolling Race will no longer refresh while in countdown queue
  • Animated Emote Fixes - There is better support for animated emotes now, although it's still not perfect


Twitter - Like & Retweet this tweet https://twitter.com/PixelPlushGames/status/1491540495809581057 for a chance to win 100 PlushCoins! Discord - Join the Discord giveaway for a chance to win TWO codes (1 for you +1 for a friend!) of your choice of a Valentines Bear (Jimmy, Pammy, Grizzly) or a Donut Pet (Chocolate, Strawberry, Sprinkles) https://www.pixelplush.dev/market

Thank you for your continued support of our games and we're looking forward to sharing more new and exciting updates with you soon!

Hello everyone, we hope you're having a nice start of 2022 so far! PixelPlush is returning to you with some news:


  • Brand new premium theme now available at https://www.pixelplush.dev/market
  • 6 different color options available
  • Heart animation when someone lands on the target
  • Get it with a 50% discount for a limited time! Offer ends on 10th of February

Cupid Heart Collection • Valentine themed maze game

  • Reminder that we have a free Valentine themed maze game available on our website!

Thank you for playing our games and we hope you will enjoy this new theme!

Hello guys! MERRY CHRISTMAS! PixelPlush has some new cool things for you


  • Get a new theme with a Christmas tree and ribbon parachutes!
  • Available in the market for 10 Plush Coins

Get free giftbox pets when purchasing Plush coins! You'll get:

  • 22 Plush Coins and 1 giftbox pet for every 4$
  • 46 Plush Coins and 2 giftbox pets for every 8$
  • 120 Plush Coins and 5 giftbox pets for every 20$
  • 625 Plush Coins and all available giftbox pets! (26 variations) for every 100$

The Purple & Silver giftbox is only available through giveaways at https://twitch.tv/instafluff and https://twitch.tv/maaya

  • Most Christmas/winter items are discounted in the market!


  • Separate notification volume option - Notification sfx like Group Drop now have their own volume option

Bug Fixes

  • Plinko Character Spawn Bug - Non-emote Plinko characters spawn properly now

We wish you a great rest of 2021 and thank you for playing our games!

Hey everyone, Black Friday is here and we have some exciting announcements!

Additional Plush Coins with Purchase

Starting today, you will now receive extra coins when you purchase 20 or more Plush Coins!

  • $4 -> 22 (Extra +10%)
  • $8 -> 46 :plushcoin: (Extra +15%)
  • $20 -> 120 :plushcoin: (Extra +20%)
  • $100 -> 625 :plushcoin: (Extra +25%)

Black Friday Pet 50% Sale

For this weekend only, MANY of our pets are on sale! If you've been eyeing a certain pet on our market, this might be the time to get one!

Bug Fixes

  • Stream Weather SFX Bug - Fixed a bug causing duplicate sounds for weather effects such as hail and heavy rain
  • Chat Flakes Snow Bug - Snow works properly now

Chat Flakes Timer Particles

We now have a new option for less chatty streams, let your chat flakes drop on a timer!

And we have more exciting things in development for December so keep an eye out for more fun news soon.

Happy Black Friday and Thanksgiving!

We come with updates to share! As a reminder, there is only one more day to join the Plush Coin Giveaway so React with 🎉 above if you haven't already.

DUO Stream Event

We will be streaming and working on an upcoming PixelPlush feature this Sunday! Come join in for a sneak peek at the new feature and chat with us: https://discord.gg/J6jyZxck?event=909899080472334386

New Updates:

  • Group drop/plinko have a notification sound you can enable
  • Names have a better readability outline than before
  • Clouds are now turned off by default in our link generator
  • More optimizations added for smoother gameplay

Bug Fixes:

  • Emojis now work properly again with the games

Hope you are having a wonderful week!

First, you may have noticed that we now have Community Admins! We're very grateful and excited to introduce @Agentdave7 and @row22_ as our admins who have been a tremendous help to us so far. Please give them a warm welcome!

New Updates:

  • Stream Weather and Pixel Confetti now have intensity options available!
  • Stream Weather particles like snow and leaves now look more 3D
  • Plinko Bounce now supports Group Plinko as both !queueplinko and as a channel point reward
  • Added a game ready timer option to Parachute Drop & Plinko Bounce (For example, now you can let your viewers play Plinko every 15 mins)
  • You can now see what add-ons you have and filter by them in the Dressing Room

Bug Fixes:

  • Scroll Bar Bug - Fixed a bug sometimes showing a scroll bar with Parachute Drop
  • No Winner Winner Bug - Fixed when a winner was selected even without anyone landing in the target

And lastly... we will host a Discord giveaway for 60 Plush Coins so be sure to join in and please tell your friends to join too!

Thank you for supporting us and being a part of our PixelPlush community!

We are picking THREE winners to each win 100 PlushCoins and it's free and easy to enter so be sure to check out our Tweet before this Saturday, October 30th! https://twitter.com/PixelPlushGames/status/1451957139837231109

Bug fixes:

  • ChatFlakes message interval - The browser source link for ChatFlakes will now properly handle the chat message interval option
  • Group drop channel point redemption - Fixed a bug that was causing group drop channel point redemptions to not properly trigger
  • Cauldron themes optimizations - Our Halloween Cauldron themes now run smoother

Hello everyone, we have another announcement for you! 🎃

1) GIF emote support added to Plinko

  • you can now !plinko with animated twitch emotes!

2) 3 new pumpkin pets added to the market

  • get an orange, white or a green pumpkin to hangout next to your character when playing our PixelPlush games!

3) Halloween Plushcoin giveaway

Hello everyone, I hope you are excited for Halloween!

We made a new premium Halloween plinko theme that you can get in the market on our website! https://www.pixelplush.dev/market.html

Don't forget that we also have:

There is also a giveaway coming so keep an eye out for that

Hello guys, October is almost here and we have some cool new Halloween things for you all!


  • Premium parachute drop theme
  • Choose from 7 different color options, or pick one that changes color every time someone lands on the target!
  • Each color has its own special effect when someone lands
  • Now with a 50% discount! (sale ends on the 5th of October)

Jack Lantern character, Ghost pets and Donut pets


  • Triggers an item on screen whenever someone writes a message in chat
  • You can choose between autumn leaves, spring blossoms, winter snowflakes or raindrops
  • The amount of particles is customizable as well as in how many messages it will get triggered!

"Make it Leaf" animation added to Stream Weather

  • You can now add a leaf animation to your stream!

Hope you guys like these new additions to PixelPlush and HAPPY EARLY HALLOWEEN

Hello everyone!

We have more updates for the Confetti overlay!

Right now you can choose exactly which colors you want to show on your overlays - that way you can have it look good with your stream's aesthetic or change it depending on your mood instafWaa maayaHype We also added a balloon animation :balloon:

To get the confetti overlay, check out our market: https://www.pixelplush.dev/market.html

We hope you guys are enjoying this celebratory overlay and definitely let us know if you'll think of any other features we could add to it!

Confetti Color Selection Options!

Hello guys!

As some of you already know,PixelPlush is celebrating its 2nd Birthday on the 22nd of August! For that occassion we created 4 different premium cake drop themes!

  • PixelPlush cake (free to use until the end of August)
  • Chocolate cake
  • Fruit cake
  • Rainbow cake

So celebrate with us by adding a cake theme to your channel. We also re-added giftbox pets to the market in case you want to get one!

We also re-added Confetti to the market which some of you might remember from beta testing a few months ago. It's a channel point feature that triggers a pixel confetti animation on your overlay. In addition, we added a Bubble animation as well!

We cannot believe it's gonna be 2 years already! Thank you guys so much for your support instafLove maayaHeart As always, don't hesitate to let us know if you have some #💡ideas or if you find any #🐞bug-report in our Discord Server!

Hello everyone!

This month marks our studio's 2nd anniversary for PixelPlush Games and so we are kicking off with a 50% off Summer Sale of our Spring and Easter items before they go into hibernation at the end of this month! This includes some of our most popular characters and pets like the chick and rabbit so check out our Goodies Market at https://www.pixelplush.dev/market.html

We are also planning a few other fun updates throughout this month so stay tuned!

Thank you so much for your support of our games over the past two years. It has meant a lot to make these games and see them being played and enjoyed by all of you! We can't wait to keep creating and improving more in PixelPlush and show you more fun things!

Hey everyone, we have a fun little update this month from PixelPlush to the Parachute Drop!

You can now use Animated Twitch Emotes with the !drop command and they will animate on the way down. It's a bit experimental and so some animations might not work properly, so if you notice any emotes that do not look right, please let us know in #🐞bug-report in our Discord Server and it could help us fix it!

Hey everyone, it's the final day of Pride Month and the PixelPlush charity event to help raise money for the "It Gets Better Project" and thanks to your generosity, as of this post, we raised $1,117, FAR beyond our very first goal of $100! If you have been considering supporting this charity, you still have one last chance to our PixelPlush rewards!

After this month, these items will be available on our Goodies Market as Plush Coins purchases at their regular costs! Have a wonderful week and happy July-eve!

Click Here to Check out our Tiltify Charity Campaign!

  • Premium Rainbow Parachute Drop $5
  • Ravebow Butterfly Pet $5
  • Glowings Butterfly Pet $5
  • Beautiflaps Butterfly Pet $5
  • Rainbow Candycane Pet $5
  • Rainbow Unicorn Onesie Skin $5
  • Rainbow Egg Pet $5
  • Rainbow Chick Pet $5
  • Rainbow Rainbee Pet $5
  • Rainbow Fluffington Pet $5
  • Rainbow Penguin Pet $5
  • Rainbow Giftbox Pet $5
  • Rainbow Balloon Pet $5
  • Rainbow Unicorn Poop Pet $5
  • FULL Rainbow bundle $50

Hello guys and HAPPY PRIDE MONTH! PixelPlush decided to do a charity event this month to help raise money for the It Gets Better Project". If you help us raise money and reach our goals, you'll be able to redeem some PixelPlush rewards!

Click Here to Check out our Tiltify Charity Campaign!

  • Premium Rainbow Parachute Drop $5
  • Rainbow Candycane Pet $5
  • Rainbow Giftbox Pet $5
  • Rainbow Balloon Pet $5
  • Rainbow Unicorn Poop Pet $5
  • FULL Rainbow bundle $50

Our first goal WAS to raise $100 - Our first goal WAS to raise $100 - which ended up already happening xD it unlocks a Rainbow Penguin Pet! (It will be added to the rest of the rewards within a few hours) The next goal is to raise $250 - this will unlock 2 new rainbow pets

  • The FULL bundle ($50) unlocks all rainbow characters/pets as well as future ones that we unlock through reached goals (it also includes the rainbow parachute drop theme)
  • There will be multiple goals which unlock more rainbow pets or characters if we reach them!
  • Make sure you have an account on our PixelPlush website to be able to redeem the items and ALSO don't forget to include your Twitch username during the donation process!
  • Gifting to other PixelPlush users is also available, just make sure you include their Twitch username instead of yours!
  • For now we have to add the items to each account manually so it might take up to a few hours to do that - please be patient, however if you are worried we forgot about you, send us a DM!
JUST THIS MONTH: Add Rainbow from Stream weather to your stream FOR FREE
Add Pride Month Rainbow to Your Stream

Hello everyone! Thank you so much for helping us beta test our 2 new parachute themes and the Stream Weather overlay! The beta testing is over, but all the new things are now available in the market so you can get them with PlushCoins! (the Easter theme remains free) https://www.pixelplush.dev/market.html Don't forget that you can also gift the premium parachute themes and Stream Weather to your favorite streamers!


If you've been using StreamWeather or the Spring Blossoms parachute theme in beta, you have to change the browser source because the old one is gonna stop working at the end of this week!

The Hackathon is over and Stream Weather made it to TOP 10!

To celebrate, you can now get it in the market with a 50% discount until the end of this month! The Easter characters/pets also remain discounted till the end of April!

We also launched an improved version of the market so looking for the things you want is now much easier!

Let us know if you have any questions!

We created a new Easter theme for Parachute Drop that is available for beta testing until the 15th of April!

The link generator is here: https://www.pixelplush.dev/beta.html

50% off new Easter characters and pets, including new Easter eggs!
  • To celebrate Easter, you can now get all Easter items in the store with a 50% discount! Don't forget that you can also gift items to your friends!
  • Get brand new cute little Easter eggs or bigger ones as pets! More color options available in the Market https://www.pixelplush.dev/market.html

Let us know about any bugs in #🐞bug-report and message us in #🙋help-center (in Discord) in case you need assistance!


Hello everyone, thank you so much for helping us beta test the new Stream Weather game! We successfully submitted our projects to Twitch Hackathon, you can check them out here:

Stream Weather: https://devpost.com/software/stream-weather
Parachute Drop: https://devpost.com/software/pixelparachute
Plinko Bounce: https://devpost.com/software/plinko-bounce
Pixel Confetti: https://devpost.com/software/pixel-confetti

Thank you so much for sharing your clips in #🎬share-your-clips (in Discord)! We already sent the PlushCoins to the winners

We added more games to the Beta Testing Area here: https://www.pixelplush.dev/beta.html

So now you can try many more PixelPlush games with channel point integration!

  • Pixel Confetti: lets your viewers redeem a celebration animation
  • Parachute Drop: lets your viewers play the drop game through channel points! Your viewers now also have the option to redeem droplets with channel points instead of triggering them with bits!
  • Parachute Plinko: you can also now let viewers play the Plinko game through channel points

If you are not sure how to set the games up, just check out the devpost links! They all include video tutorials!

In other news: WE ARE DOING A PixelPlush EASTER SPECIAL EVENT Get ready for new Easter themed parachute drop and new pets and characters

PixelPlush is participating in Twitch Hackathon! We are submitting multiple different projects including Parachutes and Plinko with channel point redeem integration (coming very soon!)

Along with that we created a brand new overlay game called STREAM WEATHER!

What is it?
  • This overlay has a series of weather animations (including rain, snow, rainbow, etc.), that viewers can trigger with channel points!
  • All you gotta do is create your own url using this link generator: https://www.pixelplush.dev/beta.html and put it as a 1920x1080 browser source in OBS
  • You can choose which animations you want to include - if you don't want one, just set the cost to 0
  • You can always change the price of each animation later directly in your Twitch channel points settings
  • There is also a volume option - right now the only sound effect is thunder, but we plan to add more!
  • If you add it to your channel, we would love it if you could make some clips and post them in #🎬share-your-clips (in Discord)


This is just a small update to let you know that we added a regular winter parachute drop to the website. It's the same target as the Christmas one, just without the decorations!

Announcing a brand new game and a new game theme from PixelPlush!

Hill Rolling Race
  • Type !hill in chat to have your character roll down the hill!
  • RACE MODE - great giveaway tool for your stream - see who makes it to the bottom of the hill first!
  • Streamer/Mods can trigger the race mode by typing !queuehill
  • After everyone joins by typing !hill in the chat, streamer/mod can start the race by typing !starthill
  • If you type "!starthill 10", it will count down from 10 - you can choose any amount of seconds you want!

Christmas Plinko Bounce

A Christmas themed version of the plinko game now available on the website!

PixelPlush is coming to you this month with lots of news, including a Christmas sale as well as introducing new characters and pets to the market!

Get free giftbox pets when purchasing PlushCoins!
  • for every 4$ you’ll get 20 PlushCoins and 1 giftbox pet
  • for every 20$ you’ll get 100 PlushCoins and 5 giftbox pets
  • for every 100$ you’ll get 500 PlushCoins and all available giftbox pets! (26 variations)
Save 50% when creating a gift code for your friends!

During December you can gift pets and characters to your friends for half the price! Just click on the gift icon that’s located under each item in the market to create a gift code. Send that gift code to your friend along with this link: www.pixelplush.dev/redeem.html

Reduced market item prices!

Starting this month, you can get more characters and pets for your coins! Characters are now 20 PlushCoins and pets are now 40 PlushCoins!

New market items:
  • Yeti character available in 4 color variations (blue, pink, green, orange)
  • Yetchi pet available in 4 color variations (blue, pink, green, orange)
  • White rabbit pet called Marble
  • Penguin pet called Flipper
  • Candy cane pet available in 9 color variations (blue, green, orange, pink, purple, red, turquoise, yellow and rainbow)
Returning market items:
  • Christmas (Santa, Claus, Helpers, Grump)
Market items hibernating after this week. Get them by Dec 6th!
  • Autumn (Amanita & Ammy, Twiglet & Twiggy)
  • Spring (Lotus, Calendula, and Poppy)
  • Easter (Chicklet & Chocklet, Caramel & Cotton)
  • Valentine Bears (Boy, Girl, Evil)
  • Magical Wizards (Geeky, Smart Girl, Red-Hair, Elf, Evil)
  • Halloween (Firefly, Monster, Vampire, Witch, Zombie)
  • Christmas Drop Target - There is a new parachute theme available on the website to match the winter season!
  • Drop Randomizer - If you own multiple characters or pets, you can now select them by using the + random button in your dressing room on the website! Once you have multiple items selected, it will pick a random pet and a random character from the selection every time you !drop
  • !queuedrop - You can now use a !queuedrop command to queue all !drop commands entered afterwards. Then you can drop all of them at the same time with the !startdrop command! This is great if you want to use the drop game to do giveaways!
  • Top Scores - You can now keep track of all the scores in your channel! Just make sure you’ve granted chat permissions when setting up the drop game. You can browse through top scores on this page: www.pixelplush.dev/scores.html

We would like to remind you that there is a Halloween themed maze game on our website!

Pickable items:
  • 5 points
  • 10 points
  • 20 points
  • 25 points
  • 30 points
  • 100 points

Stay away from the spider webs , they take 5 points from you if you step on them!

You can play as 4 characters:
  • Witch
  • Zombie
  • Monster
  • Vampire

And there is a boss character - ghost The streamers can enable/disable the boss in the chat generator on our website


It's a cauldron with a spooky green liquid! The default characters for this theme are witch, zombie and vampire!